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Maxtec Scuba Oxygen Analyzers



How can I take measurements with my Maxtec analyzer?

There are multiple methods of measurement with all Maxtec scuba analyzers: All Maxtec Scuba analyzers come standard with our OxyKnob adapter. This adapter allows the user to verify oxygen concentration of their gas mixture directly from the air outlet port of the tank. This method is most frequently used when checking multiple tanks in a shop, on a boat.


All Maxtec Scuba analyzers also come standard with a barbed adapter and tubing. When used in conjunction with our B.C. adapter fitting (sold separately) a user has the option to verify their gas mixture directly from their low pressure line. This method is most frequently used when making personal gas checks.


What is covered under warranty?

Maxtec analyzers are covered for two years from the date of purchase. Refer to "Warranty Statement" section for additional information.


I need an oxygen sensor that I don't see listed on your site?

Maxtec carries an extensive line of replacement oxygen sensors and is continually developing new sensors for new applications. If you cant find what you're looking for, give us a call and we may be able to work with you to find an appropriate product for your application


What will affect the life on my sensor?

Temperature, pressure and humidity should be controlled when using equipment that contains galvanic oxygen sensors. To prolong the life of your oxygen sensor, store your equipment in a dry place at room temperature. When in use, keep the sensor out of the water and keep as dry as possible.


Are Maxtec sensors compatible with rebreather applications?

For sensors in re-breather applications, Maxtec warrants the sensor to work according to the stated specifications under normal operating conditions. For sensors used in re-breather applications, Maxtec has not performed validation or verification testing and therefore cannot promote our sensors for use in this application and disclaims any liability for off-label use. Verification and validation for use in these applications is the responsibility of the equipment user and/or manufacturer.